Welcome to the gţte du barri de magal
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A stay at the g├«te du Barri de Magal in the heart of France is the opportunity to be French for a week or two or more┬ů
More than just a holiday, more than just a taste here you can savour the essence of France through the food and the wine, the people and the landscape. Welcome to Turenne, a picturesque medieval village which has been designated as one of the most beautiful villages of France. Turenne was once the capital city of the viscounty of the region which was a principality within France.

vue ULM The gite is situated at the foot of the castle, to the left of Caesar's tower. Part of the gîte dates back to the 18th century and it has now been restored to a self-contained luxury house with superb views. Have your routine behind, come to the gîte du Barri de Magal and unwind, relax and enjoy the France that the French know and love...

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